Hair Loss In Cats

Reasons For Hair Loss In Cats: Diagnosis, And Treatment


Is your cat losing its hair suddenly? As a pet owner, seeing your cute little kitty losing its fur may ...

Roundworms in Cats

Roundworms in Cats: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment


Is your cat losing weight despite eating normally? Well, one of the major reasons behind your cat losing weight unexpectedly ...

Ginger for Cats

Ginger for Cats: Benefits and Medicinal Uses


Being the most loving and caring pet parent, you are very much aware of your kitty’s nature. Usually, cats love ...

Is Milk Good For Cats?

Is Milk Good For Cats?


Every day, your cat roams near the food bowl at specific times waiting for you to pour milk. It’s try ...

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

Why My Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box and How to Stop It?


Is your cat peeing outside the litter box? Well, discovering your feline companion peeing on your clothes, flooring or bed ...

Ringworm In Cats

Ringworm Infection In Cats: Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment


Ringworm is one of the most commonly seen skin infections in cats which has nothing to do with worms. Though ...

Toxic Essential Oils For Cats

11 Essential Oils That Are Toxic To Your Cat


The significance of essential oils has increased to such an extent for a reason that it truly benefits humans in ...

Cats Eye Discharge

Eye Discharge in Cats: Reasons, Symptoms, and When to Worry?


Eyes are the most attractive features of the face whether it is a human or animal. If there is some ...

Cat In Pain

Possible Signs to Look Out To Know Your Cat Is In Pain


Is your cat experiencing pain? Though your cat is suffering from some pain, it can be arduous to tell if ...

Sphynx Cat

21 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed or Shed Less


Wondering what’s your cat’s breed? Is your pet a non-shedding cat or a least shedding cat? Being a pet owner ...

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